If you’ve read, “Make the 10X Leap” by Steve Walsh, you won’t want to miss the Bonus Chapter! It explains the premise behind the High Potential (Hi-PO) Formula and how it determines your Investor Readiness.

10x Leap
Book Takeaways

This 2-page summary provides the key insights to the book and where to find them. If you want a 30 second scan of the highlights, this download is for you.

Investment Plan Template

This template is a Word document you can modify for the purpose of creating your own Investment Plan, showing potential investors how you would spend capital and the return on investment.


Steve Walsh is a voracious reader, and he shares his list of recommended books for the entrepreneur tribe. Download this list and start reading!

Take the HI-PO investor Readiness Quiz

Whet your appetite for a high-level indicator of your investor-readiness with this free quiz. Learn about what it takes to be Investor Ready, and decide if you want to take the next step to get a personalized Hi-PO Blueprint for your company.

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We’d love to have a call with you and share more about the Hi-PO Formula, a method for determining whether you and your company would be appealing to investors. It can include a preliminary company valuation and a forecast model for future growth potential. Book a call today! 

learn how you can Make the leap

Make the 10x Leap is your ultimate guide to overcoming growth barriers, raising the right capital, and scaling your business tenfold. Whether you are a founder on the brink of your first funding round, a business owner looking to scale, or an investor seeking insight into high-growth companies, this book provides a roadmap to reach your 10X Leap.