We Partner With Business Owners
That Feel Stuck In A Stagnant Business

Are You An Established Business Owner
Feeling Stuck in a Stale Business? We Can Help.


Do You Feel Stuck in a Slow-Growing or Stale Business?

You’ve built a successful business over the years, but now you’re feeling tired, checked out, maybe even bored

You’ve been doing it the same way for so long because that’s the way that worked.

You’ve hit your goals, made your money, and now you’re focused on keeping it running.

But deep down, you know your business is stagnant & complacent.

You might even be scared of losing it all, and even worse…you’re reluctant & skeptical of change.

But what if there's a better way?
Welcome to a New Era of Business Growth & Succession

We understand your fears and concerns. We know you’ve put your well-being first, often at the expense of family time.

We know you’re tired and you want to retire, but you don’t have a succession plan.

You want to sell, but you’re not interested in the broker “rat race”.

That’s where we come in. We Partner With Business Owners That Feel Stuck In A Stagnant Business.

A Partnership for Growth

We’re here to form a partnership and we’re here to grow your business WITH you.

We see things from outside the jar, and we can move the needle for you.

We’ve done it many times before, and we can do it for you.

We understand the work that goes into scaling your business to the next level.

What We Do

Our process is simple and effective: Scale then Sell.

1. Scale-Ability

We start with an Evaluation Process where we gather fundamental data about your business to predict your “10X-ability”…or how exactly we can help you scale & exit.

2. Get Funding

Next, we create an Investor Plan and get you the money. We’ll craft a compelling pitch and close the investors with you.

3. Scale The Business

Then, we provide Scale Mentoring designed to 10X your business within 5 years. This mentorship is focused around People, Processes, and Capital. We’ll implement systems to take your business to the next level without the “growing pains” you may be used to.

4. Cash Out

Finally, we prepare for the Exit. We’ll help with the Valuation and Closing the Exit Deal, ensuring a smooth transition for you as you cash out.

Bison Equity Group Helps Fast-track Growth for High Potential Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur with a minimum of $2M annual revenue looking to grow further or successfully exit?

Many businesses that have reached $2M+ struggle to scale their people, systems and marketing efforts without raising more capital. They need strategic guidance and a proven playbook for 2X-ing, 4X-ing, or even 10X-ing their current results.

That’s Where We Come In:

What We Look For

We believe in the power of partnership and are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive. 

Here’s what we look for in our ideal partners:

Ownership & Industry

We specialize in partnering with Family-Owned or Individually-Owned businesses. Our expertise lies in revitalizing and growing businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Financial Stability

We look for businesses that have a Gross Revenue of $2 million to $50 million per year with a history of performance. We also require that the businesses have Profitability of $500k or more of Owner Earnings per year with a history of performance.


Geographically, we focus on businesses located in the United States.

If your business fits this profile and you’re ready to take the next step towards succession and/or scale,
we’d love to hear from you.

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Don’t Let Your Business Die. Let Us Revitalize It.

It’s better to fix your business now than let it die. Don’t let competitors come in and decrease your valuations.

With our help, you can 10X your business without the pain. Wake up to a new era of business growth and succession.