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For accredited investors

As an accredited investor, you need reliable, high-growth opportunities but may lack the time for due diligence. That’s where Bison Equity steps in. We eliminate guesswork by meticulously vetting high-potential companies, offering you peace of mind and the highest return on investment. Trust our proven process to grow your net worth efficiently.

how it works

If you are an accredited investor seeking ways to grow your net worth, but don’t have the time or patience to weed out the duds, Bison Equity can help. Our aim is to take the guesswork out of finding the right opportunities by vetting them thoroughly so that you can be at ease. We have a proven process for selecting companies with the highest potential for growth and greatest return on investment. 

step 1

see the potential

To get started, we like to meet you and outline your investment needs and the way you like to work. We use a variety of tools that help us understand you as an investor, while also sharing our process for identifying high potential companies. 

step 2

subscribe to invest

Once you subscribe, we find the deals you would never see and vet them to save you time. After our interviews, analytics and research, you’ll only see the deals that have passed our rigorous process. 

step 3

stay informed

We mentor companies to set them up for success, and keep you informed along the way. When applicable, we invite select investors to sit on an advisory board. 

step 4

cash out

As the business reaches a high market value, we guide its strategic exit. We help with valuation and close the deal. 

we understand that finding the right place to invest takes time.
bison equity group does the hard work so you don't have to.

learn how you can Make the leap

Make the 10x Leap is your ultimate guide to overcoming growth barriers, raising the right capital, and scaling your business tenfold. Whether you are a founder on the brink of your first funding round, a business owner looking to scale, or an investor seeking insight into high-growth companies, this book provides a roadmap to reach your 10X Leap.